Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20 Time Update

As of right now, I am beginning to plan for the collection of the toothbrushes and other toiletry items. I will go around my neighborhood to ask for donations. Also, I will advertise it in school to hopefully get donations. I am not sure when the collection will end but it should be over by the start of spring. I will then deliver them to the youth development center, so they will have plenty for the start of summer. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Identical Passions and Recent Work Done

People who share the same passion may be looking to go into the same job field. The research that I am doing can help people who may be looking into similar jobs. I could also not go into the job field that I researched, but rather a profession somebody else who shared the same passion researched. I am aware that quite a few people share the same passion as me, so the job opportunities are endless. My passion is helping others, so it is very wide spread topic.
I have not started the advertising for the drive. I am looking to start it after the holiday break. There is no better way to ring in the new year than helping out and giving back to the community. Over the final days of the semester, I plan to work on organizing how I will advertise my collection. I will then carry through with the plan and begin taking donations. The collection will probably go longer than the semester, but will be started before the semester ends. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Professional Careers

One professional opportunity I found  was becoming a teacher. This ties into my passion because becoming a teacher gives back to my community. Being a teacher helps shape the future generation. That is why being a teacher would be an important. I would like being a teacher because I enjoy interacting with people. A disadvantage of being a teacher is I would not make as much money as I hoped I would make. Another professional opportunity I found was becoming a dentist. This ties into my passion because it would be helping others. A dentist is very important because it deals with peoples health. I would like being a dentist would be fun because you get to again talk with people and hear interesting stories. It would however be a lot of schooling and would require an apprenticeship first. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Most Valuable Lesson I Have Learned

The most valuable lesson I have learned is to be determined and think outside of the box. When seeing everybody's 20 Time project everyone had their own unique project. There were no duplicates. This lesson will help me complete the project because as long as I keep thinking outside of the box and stay determined this project will have an excellent turnout. This skill will not only help me in this project but also in the real world. It will help me in the real world because when I go for a job people will notice creativity and determination and see them as good skills for the job field. This will also help me throughout the rest of high school and college weather it is classmate collaboration or individual projects. It is much easier to work with a creative and determined person than the person that sits there and waits for somebody to do it for you. This will help you stand out among peers who may be going for the same job as you. This is why 20 Time is such a rewarding project. The most valuable lessons I have learned from this project are determination and thinking outside of the box. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day Experience

I feel that my pitch day went very well. There were quite a few people there so it meant lots of presenting, which I was fine with. Quite a few people were very encouraging about my idea which gave me a lot of confidence in the outcome of my project. If that small group of people experienced that much interest, I can't even begin to imagine what will happen when I reach out to my community. I enjoyed talking to everyone because I am very passionate about my project and I want to share that passion with others. Each person I talked to gave me a different piece of helpful advice that will help make the final product a success. This was a very rewarding experience and I can see this project working out in the future.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I Have Learned

This project has taught me very important life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. I was able to accomplish everything I needed done by the set deadlines with shows that I am responsible and a hard worker. The only problem I had to encounter during this project was getting it started and thinking what this project really means to me and what I need to do to make it memorable. After all the planning was done I was able to take off with this project and I never looked back. A challenge I had encountered was talking on the phone to my authority. After doing some classmate collaboration, which is part of the effective communication, I found that a lot of people had the same challenge. However, as long as log as you have planned out what you are going to say and stay relaxed, the phone call will go smoothly and there will be nothing to worry about. This project has been challenging and rewarding and I am glad I got to take part in it. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

After Contacting The Authority

When I contacted the authority I was able to talk to a person that deals with public donations. I talked about where I am from and what this project is about. He was very happy to hear that I am starting a collection. I asked him about the items needed and he said any toiletry items would be great. I also asked him what the Youth Development Center does mostly and he gave me a detailed explanation of what they do. I also asked about when I should hand in the donations, and any time would we okay.  
The Youth Development Center is a place where kids go to who are ordered there by court. They go there for discipline issues or being runaways from home. I had no issues contacting the center and was able to have all of my questions answered. I learned from this assignment that people really appreciate the things people do to give back to their community. From here I will now start to advertise collecting the toiletry items in my school and community. So far there have not been any problems I need to problem solve, but some may arise as I move forward with this project.